Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kettlebell Training Madrid® helps you stay in shape when visiting Spain

Some people stand by their dreams no matter what, and make them come true. Kettlebell Training Madrid® is the product of the commitment of Gastón Giorlando and Sandra Carbonell, both certified personal trainers and certified TRX® and Kettlebell trainers in Spain. Following is my interview with them.

LCL.-  How did the project Kettlebell Training Madrid® start?
KTM.- It was a result of our stay in Florida, where we experienced the fitness craze that is not as prevalent in Spain. There are the two extremes in the U.S.: people seem to either let themselves go or exercise to exhaustion. When we moved to Spain three years ago we realized there was a gap to be filled in the fitness field, and that we could fill it by teaching Kettlebell training. We had already experienced its benefits ourselves.

Sandra Carbonell
LCL.- What are Kettlebells and why did you choose them as a fitness routine? 
KTM.- A kettlebell is a Russian weight. They are round and have a flat base and a handle. We chose this as a fitness routing because training with kettlebells involves the whole body, unlike a gym workout, which is intended to isolate different muscle groups.
There are many benefits: you lose body fat faster than with a traditional training routine.  It tones and strengthens your muscles while giving your flexibility and resistance. It´s also a good cardiovascular workout, and therefore you can get all-over results faster. You can train anywhere with just one workout tool.

LCL.- What services do you offer?
KTM.- Seminars and training courses for personal trainers, martial arts experts, instructors, sports enthusiasts, athletes, martial arts specialists, gyms, and anybody who is interested in all-over fitness. Anybody can benefit from this type of training.

LCL.- What has been your greatest challenge? 
Gastón Giorlando
KTM.- It´s been hard to break into the fitness market in Spain. This sector is slowly embracing this type of training.

LCL.- And your greatest satisfaction?
KTM.- Seeing our clients satisfied and improving their physical shape. Our students acquire knowledge and technique that are hard to come by in Spain. Training with kettlebells requires proper technique and regular practice.   

LCL.- What would you tell someone who wants to shape up?
KTM.- First, they need to establish a clear goal and find out what their options are and not stick only to conventional forms of exercise. They should try kettlebell training and if they like it, they will soon be hooked, while getting in shape.

LCL.- What would you tell someone who has a dream that others are trying to squelch? 
KTM.- We all have dreams and it is up to each one of us to pursue them or accept what others believe. We believe in pursing the dream. If you are true to it, you will make it happen.  

KTB and their students

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