Tuesday, August 16, 2011

13 Reasons to Run

I started running when I was 12. I still remember the burning feeling in my chest, the pain in my legs and the extreme fatigue because I didn´t know how to pace myself. Still, at the end of that run I felt good: my pre-adolescent difficulties seemed to wane after having accomplished the difficult task of running.

36 years later I still run regularly. So far, running has helped me overcome many challenges to include a broken heart, separation, divorce, financial strife, unemployment and more. 

Why I run:

-       It´s free
-       You can do it anytime, anywhere
-       It doesn´t require fancy equipment other than a good pair of running shoes
-       It´s a great way to explore new surroundings
-       It can be a form of meditation
-       It´s an excellent cardiovascular workout
-       You can do it alone or with someone else
-       You can run while you push a baby stroller
-       Running helps produce endorphins, which are a mood enhancer
-       The discipline of running spills into other areas of your life
-       It helps keep your weight in check
-       It´s a great conversation piece
-       It beats getting hammered

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