Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't let pride stand in your way.

There are as many interpretations of success as there are people in this world. Success for you may not be what is is for me. 
I consider myself successful in the sense that I discovered my life-purpose at a relatively young age, and was rash enough to pursue it independently from whether other people thought it was possible, feasible or even rational. I have accomplished most things that I set out to do in life and I am in the process of setting new goals.
I am a communicator, and in that arena I have satisfied my life-purpose. I use every means available to me to get across inspirational, motivational and informational messages to as many people as I can, from books, to blogs, including e mails, letters and even text messages ... and make a living with it. 
However, even those of us who are successful in one area, may occasionally be in need of help in another aspect of our lives. 
The fact that many people look to me to provide answers, comfort and insight that I offer through my books ( ) sometimes means that I feel the pressure of always having to appear put-together, positive and strong. However, I have learned that being vulnerable, upfront and real is what connects human beings and that opening your heart to others is the only way to let in any kind of help. 
Before I had children, I was rather proud ... and always wanted to do things without help or with the least amount of help possible. Now I have two young kids who are a part of most everything I do. As a single mom struggling to put her personal and financial life back together after a huge fallout, I have had to sidestep my pride and, thanks to that, have renewed my hope in people due to incredible and unforeseen gestures of help: financial, gift-wise and with moral support that I never asked for, but got anyway ...
I accept them because my daughters deserve to be fed, clothed and carefree. The unexpected and much appreciated help I am receiving in dire straits simply fuels my desire to work harder to repay those giving me a helping hand. Those gestures are engraved in my heart and I will always be there for those who were there for me ... 
What goes around comes around, and not necessarily from the person you originally gave to.

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