Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life doesn´t wait ...

Youth often fosters rashness. We are in a hurry to do so many things ... We can´t wait to be a year older, we can´t wait for Christmas, then we can´t wait for summer, we can´t wait to be 16 to drive, 21 to drink, we can´t wait to get married and have kids, then we can´t wait to be divorced .. and on it goes.
At a certain point in life you look back and realize there is really no hurry. In my 40´s I´m realizing that life does not wait, so I no longer have that "can´t wait" feeling. In fact, I want to slam on the brakes!
Some things can and should wait, in the sense that hurrying them along does not make them better. Everything is the way it should be.
Regrets, I have a few ... but I do my best to overcome them and learn and move, always move ... like a shark. If a shark stops, it dies. Life is a long-distance run, it is a dance, it is a performance. It is never, ever a rehearsal. Every word counts, every action, every mistake and every milestone. The only time we ever have is now. Make the best of it. I do. Ok, now let´s move on ... I have books to write, children to raise, people to love ...

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