Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Power of Intention

Yesterday I was running at the beach, something I have been doing regularly since I was 12-years old. Running is my form of meditation. I was overcome by thoughts of the different times in my life when clarity of intention, visualization and then (most important), action propelled me towards my goals:
- When I was 26 and wanted to lose weight and wrote daily affirmations about it, and have been the same size ever since with the exception of my two pregnancies.
- When I wanted to write and publish my first book when I was 29, and made a mock cover and pasted it on the wall in front of my stationary bicycle. I wrote the book in less than a three weeks and it was published a few months later. Still my best-selling title, by the way.
- When I wanted to have kids and at 36 was having a hard time conceiving. I meditated and visualized and also took care of myself. When doctors were about to start hormonal treatments, I became pregnant with my first child. My second one, at 40, came a lot faster!
- When I became clear, at 46, as to what qualities I wanted in a life-time partner. A few weeks later, I met the person who embodies every single one of those qualities and I am not questioning how or why this happened. Eerie, though!
Seeing this has worked in the past, I am headed towards clarity of purpose in my profession as an author and speaker, and things are already starting to happen. What a wonderful feeling.
Intention + mechanism = results

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