Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nicolás Manservigi, Author and Singer, publishes his second book at 25.

In 2002 my book The Challenge of Writing and Publishing was released. I was living in Spain then and one night I received an e-mail from a teenager in Argentina named Nico, who had read my book and told me he wanted to write and publish.
Being a published author takes you places. It connects you with readers. Some write to you once, then you write back and that´s the end of the exchange. Other times, the relationship continues, often through time and distance, and you get to experience the reader´s evolution – perhaps even watch his writing career unfold. This was the case with Nico - Nicolás Manservigi - who was first my reader and then - I became his.
He published his first book, El portador (The Carrier), in 2007 and I interviewed him for La Palma, of the Palm Beach Post. He did not stop there. His book Paisajes internos (Interior Landscapes) will soon be released. He is also an opera singer, he writes scripts, and he´s got the looks. Born in Tucumán, Argentina, at 25 years old, he´s already achieved more than many people twice his age.
“I would say that most of what has happened in my life has been a success. Some of the things I have overcome are my insecurity and low self-esteem. Having conquered that, I became an opera singer, wrote and published novels and have written film-scripts. The biggest success comes when you decide to pursue your own happiness,” says Manservigi.
He describes himself as being persistent and determined. He admits that “artistic careers are fickle and therefore only those who are truly passionate about their art actually make it.”
Manservigi says his parents, brothers and close friends have supported him all the way.
Despite his appearance of having it all, he still has doubts and moments of insecurity. He does not stay in a slump for long, however.
“I am usually balanced, but I despair when I don´t achieve what I want. When I was writing my first novel I was out of college. I fell into a depression, and writing helped me get out of it. Being in a creative state always helps when I am emotionally distressed.”
He shares that the key is self-knowledge. “The better I know myself, the easier it becomes to identify what takes me into a dark mood. It is a struggle, but I can honestly say that I have always been able to come out of difficult moments thanks to singing or writing.”
His message to others in pursuit of their own dream and success:
“Do not allow anyone to tell you that you can´t. We don´t know other people´s potential and we should never put the brakes on someone else´s dreams. Setting up roadblocks to someone else´s evolution is mean and lowly.”

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