Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Adriana Lozada finally has it all!

Adriana Lozada is the editor of D´Latinos magazine, a Spanish magazine which is distributed in Southwest Florida. As a member of the team of Mediavista, Inc. she also co-hosts the Spanish TV talkshow D´Latinos, which is how we met. She put up with my kids sitting with us, throwing Cheerios at the camera while she interviewed me a few years ago. Stunning features, a contagious smile, the body of a trained model, brains and a college degree in journalism, the 28-year old Venezuelan has it all.
Or does she?
When I asked her what her biggest success story was, she replied: “I have many, but the most important one is that I was able to thrive even without the love and recognition of a father in my life”.
Adri, as she is known by friends and family, grew up as the only child of a single mother in a society that frowned upon her situation.
“I was always wrapped in the love of my mother, my grandmother, aunts and uncles, but I attended a private school where the other girls knew their heritage and I didn´t know who my father was. That was hard and now I realize it marked me as a person. Now I can finally talk about it openly and without embarrassment”.
At 20, Adriana discovered she was not an only child, but that she had 3 brothers and sisters. A few months ago, they all met in Venezuela, to discover they have many traits in common, especially persistence, and the fact that they all have dreams, goals and hopes.
“The day that I met my brothers and sisters was the happiest! That happiness cured my anguish, answered my doubts and filled me with hope”.
Adriana took the first step in meeting her family, despite her fear of their reaction, and she is glad she did. “I thank my mother for raising me without ever showing resentment towards my father. I believe that if I the choice were mine, I would not change a thing, other than perhaps meeting my brothers and sisters earlier in life”.
Family is a cornerstone in Adriana Lozada´s life. People can see her media persona, her beauty, her work, her pictures, but until now, not everyone saw one of her biggest life-struggles.
Her words of wisdom:
“Dare to do what you want to do, and you will always be rewarded. Face your fears, since it will always be more comforting to know that you tried, no matter what the results, than if you never faced them. Tell the people you love that you love them, and that they are crucial in your personal quest for happiness”.
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  1. Thank you Lorraine, Great as usual! I LOVE YOU. Adriana.

  2. Una chica que brilla con luz propia. Una amiga que sin darse cuenta ha contagiado de energía mi vida últimamente con bellas "causalidades"... bendiciones Adriana...

  3. Felicidades!!! Éxito es el mejor sinónimo con el que puedo identificar a Adri... en todo lo que emprende y con mucha fe se que lograra grandes cosas....Alex S.

  4. Felicidades Adri!!!! Sabes que tienes otra pequeña familia en Canarias que te apoya y te desea lo mejor!!! Besos

  5. Te quiero con todo el corazon Adri, eres una persona muy especial llena de mucha luz, siempre sonando y cumpliendo tus suenos!!

    Eliana Tardio

  6. I love reading these posts because I can practice my Spanish reading and understanding.
    Such happy and positive responses. Even though I can not translate every phrase.