Monday, February 21, 2011

Cheryl Tallman, Cofounder of Fresh Baby, on Success

Cheryl Tallman

Cheryl Tallman, is an Entrepreneur and the CEO of 2 businesses: Fresh Baby and Creative i and an example of a proactive, successful woman.

In Cheryl´s words: “At Fresh Baby we help parents raise healthy kids.  This keeps me going. Fresh Baby is making a difference.” Cheryl and her sister Joan Ahlers launched Fresh Baby that focuses on an all-natural diet for children when they could not find healthy and hassle-free food alternatives for their own kids.  

 LCL- What is your definition of success?

CT- Success is anything that gives you a feeling of accomplishment and builds your self-confidence. Success comes in all sizes.  

LCL- What is your biggest success?

CT- Not sure if I can name just one.  Some of my big successes include starting and selling my first business, marrying my husband and raising a healthy and happy son.   

LCL- What do you still have left to achieve?

CT- The way I figure it, at 47 I have half my life still to live, so I am really just getting started.   I have been blessed with many talents. I believe if I continue to use these talents and contribute, I will have many great achievements.      

LCL- How do you successfully manage motherhood, marriage and work?

CT- I make a “things to do” list every day. I feel great when I cross things off this list, but I don’t beat myself up if I don’t get everything on the list done. I am lucky to have flexible work hours and I set my work aside for family time and family responsibilities. I have a great husband who helps out.  I could not do it without him.  I also think that having an office helps me separate work and home.  However, I do bring my laptop home every night – I like to stay connected and I may do some work after dinner.  

LCL- How do you manage two companies without losing it? 

CT- I work with great people! On occasion, I get overwhelmed with too much work and it puts me in a bad mood. I realize I’m in a bad mood, when people at the office are avoiding me.  My mood changes once I’ve gotten the work done.  

LCL- What advice would you give to women who are in a slump and need some positive thoughts to keep on going?

CT- Believe in yourself. You can accomplish anything but you need to put in the effort to succeed.

Thank you for your time and your inspiration, Cheryl!

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