Friday, February 11, 2011

Finding your Purpose in Life

If you haven’t yet figured out your purpose in life, consider that you may have more than one, that you can change your mind and that you may have to gamble a bit before you hit the jackpot.

Ask yourself if the reason why you don’t yet know your life purpose is that you think it must be something grandiose Mother Theresa-style and you are embarrassed to admit that you simply love being a teacher, which seems insignificant in comparison. That is a great life purpose, by the way.

You will dispel your fears by facing them and this applies to your fear of not knowing what makes you tick. To help you find your life purpose, ask yourself:

What would I do every day even if I didn’t get paid?
What makes me forget everything else while I’m doing it?
What do I dream of doing but don’t dare?
What inspires me?  

Keep in mind that we set our own limits and we are also our harshest critics. As a rule, most of us are more demanding of ourselves than of others. However, in order to find out what moves and propels us, we have to risk failure.

And the only real failure is failure to try!

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