Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Myth of Job Security

Having made a living as a freelancer for the larger part of my life, I am frequently asked if I am not stressed by the uncertainty of my work and income. Oddly, even though I am faced with this uncertainty every single month, and have done so for more years than I'd like to admit to,  I would never trade it for a "secure" 9 to 5 job. That would be the death of my soul and the end of time spent with my kids when they come home from school, the end of my freedom to manage my own schedule, to be able to relocate, or take a vacation on a whim. 
I am by no means suggesting that everyone should trade in their 9 to 5  job for a lifetime of hustling for odd jobs, of course not. What I am trying to convey is that during a world-wid
e financial crisis such as the one we ar
e living now, most people would feel better if they adapted their mindset to the current times, so they could dispel the anxiety that comes with fear of losing their jobs or not securing a new one when they are laid off. 
Nowadays, job security is a joke, and most of my friends and people I know are not happy with their "secure" jobs to begin with. They complain 
every Monday morning and arrive at Friday happy the week is over, only to Spend Sunday night dreading the beginning of another week at the office. BUT they have a paycheck to take home and cover their bills.
On the other hand, those of us who have spent our lives riding the wave of opportunity and uncertainty are less fazed by the generally daunting prospect of not knowing where our income will come from next month.
Speaking strictly for myself, I have learned to put my skills to use writing, translating, helping others be fit, selling, and adapt to the circumstances and often make the circumstances work in my favor. 
Because of personal circumstances that I will blog about in a different post, I am not well-off by any means, and I'm still working on that one, but I am rich in the sense that I love the work I do, I am able to spend unstructured time with my kids, I can take walks on the beach when everyone else is in the office, and then I am able to work at night, which is when I am most creative, while I snuggle next to my kids.
If you have a 9 to 5  job and that is what you want, by all means enjoy it. If you have been laid off, or are afraid of that, rest assured that there are people out there such as myself, who have never had a "secure" job and have been able to survive without having to live in a shelter.
Security is a mindset, and nothing and nobody can give it to you other than yourself.