Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I can't afford NOT to pursue my passions

I cannot afford NOT to pursue my passions. In fact, pursuing them became a way of life for me many a year ago, overcoming all kinds of obstacles to become the person I was meant to be. When doing something positive becomes a habit, such as exercise, writing, painting, dancing, rock climbing or whatever floats your boat ... NOT doing it gently kills your soul. At least, it kills mine.
I became a fitness instructor at 20, as a second best to dancing, because I thought I was rhythmically impaired. NOT! I discovered that on the job, and at 24 I pursued modern and jazz dancing, in classes way above my level (not by choice). I remember feeling too old (darn it, old at 24!?), and as though I would never ever be able to spin without keeling over, let alone dance a whole choreography. On day one, I excused myself from classes early, cried in the dressing room, and went home. But I returned to class. Day 2, day 3 and so on were similar. I kept coming back though, despite the fear of ridicule, of not being good enough, of being too old ... I eventually was PAID to dance - I guess that made me a professional dancer! But most important, it made me a WINNER because I didn´t quit.
Now, at 45, I dance LA Style Salsa, which allows me to take advantage of the jazz, modern and even fitness stunts I can still pull off. I can do double and triple spins, drops, and so many more things that enable me to simply flow with the music and be ME ... no worries, no concerns, just the music, my moves, and the flow with my dancing partner.
I decided to take a break from classes and social dancing "because of the financial crisis" last November, until I developed chest pains that drove me to the doctor. I was still working out: running, going to the gym when I could (and can), and walking on the beach. But the only time I don´t think at all is when I am dancing.
Diagnose: STRESS with capital letters.
Well, by the law of inertia ... I took myself back to class and social dancing, because I was making myself sick with anxiety by not pursuing one of my passions that is the healthiest pressure valve for me .... I simply cannot afford NOT to dance, especially in times of financial stress. It is cheaper than meds, therapy and the ER. My kids love who I am when I´m high with endorfins after dancing!
Consider what things you have given up to "save money" and that may be costing you your health, mental and emotional sanity and your mood, which is a lot more expensive in the long run.
I feel alive again! So can you!


  1. So, this "recession" isn't that bad after all, huh? :- )

  2. It is, but I forget about it when I'm dancing, and I feel more empowered to take it all on! We can't be impoverished spiritually and expect to live in abundance in other areas of life! I'd rather do away with anything else than dancing right now!

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