Friday, February 20, 2009

Dream Pillow-cases

Two days ago, I did a project with my daughters who are 7 and 4 years old. We each took a pillow-case and fabric markers. We agreed that the only rules were to share the markers (this is a biggie at certain ages, if not all!!), and we all had to draw pictures of our dreams, which would then turn into goals.
Above is my own pillow-case at the top, my 7 year-old's in the middle and my 4 year-old's dream pillow-case is last but not least.
Of course my baby focuses on Barbies and having fun, my 7 year-old already has money as a goal (she knows a tad more about life than I would wish for her at her age), and I drew my own clear-cut adult goals: making the next rank in my jewelry biz., publishing my next book in the U.S., reaching a certain income level, destressing as a way of life and loving and forgiving others (and myself) on a daily basis ...
What was the purpose of this exercise? To focus on three or four things we have as goals for this year, and see them every single time we lay our head on our pillows at night before falling asleep.
There is no magic involved in this, mind you!
This has worked for me in the past, and what it does is keep my goals present and fresh in my mind, in order for me to be reminded to take the ACTION required to achieve them.
16 years ago, when I was writing my first book, I made a mock cover of the published book .... I used to look up at it when I was writing and would carry it with me everywhere. Of course I wrote the book, made the calls, and took the action required to actually get it published. And yes, it was published. 16 years and 15 books later, I can say it works!
Now I am implementing it in every other area of my life where I feel I need to gain or regain focus.
And to reach my goals, as Jim Rohn says, I must become the person who will make those goals happen, or they will not persist. For instance: I run because I am a runner, I write because I am a writer and I nurture because I am a mother ...
What reminders do you use to keep your goals fresh?

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