Thursday, February 12, 2009

I will not be attending the National Pity Party ...

Ok, so we are in a recession. Big deal. Small deal. No deal. Not for me.

Don't get me wrong. My family's hurting! Unemployment has visited my family as well, and as I contemplate credit counseling, bankruptcy and shopping around for the nicest shelter in town, I refuse to turn my story into a pity party. I have two kids, 7 and 4, and I sometimes catch myself wondering if they could walk to school from the shelter if we end up in one?

I realize this IS a REAL possibility! It doesn´t only happen to others!

I'm not typing this from my penthouse at the Ritz, overlooking the ocean. I do live near the beach, but I have to drive there. That's while I can keep up with my car payments ...

Anyhow, despite the mess we're in, I'm taking responsibility for my part in it. What I did yesterday determines where I am today, and I know that my actions today will impact my future. And I want my future to look GOOD.

I'm a 14 (soon 15)-times published author, a proud and fit mother. But I´m broke. That´s me in a nutshell. When I set a goal, I tend to accomplish it. Now I am realizing that perhaps I should have set myself some financial goals a "few" years ago ... and then I would be successful in all areas of life, not just one or two.

Despite my current situation, I refuse to join the National Pity Party that is growing faster than the recession is! I am dusting myself off, and getting to work, in order to reach my family and financial goals as well as my career goals, which I have already accomplished.

In this blog, I will post positive proactive material, what I have done and will do to achieve my goals, in the hopes of inspiring YOU and YOU and perhaps YOU ... to take yourself on and send in your RSVP saying:

"I will not be attending the National Pity Party ...."

Now, let´s get going ...


  1. I will not be attending the National Pity Party .... Who has the energy that takes?

  2. Yes, agree. I don't have the energy it takes to attend the National Pity Party, that's too much "negativity", that which I can't find :- )