Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Strategies to get the Most out of Self-Help Books

If you are not evolving, then you are stuck. The self-disciplined and those who make personal evolution a way of life listen to audio-books, read self-help books and attend seminars. It´s relatively cheap and if you optimize your resources, they work. Don´t I know! I´ve been reading and writing self-help books for years! And by this I do not mean to imply that I am better than anybody else.
Unfortunately, there are many other people who do not take advantage of this type of book. With excuses such as “I already know that”, “they´re worthless” or “I don´t have time to read”, they close the doors on personal evolution and learning, which is the key to nearly everything. That´s why it occurred to me to write “7 Strategies to get the Most out of Self-Help Books”, which was published in 2009.
Writers mostly like to work on our own, but for this project I wanted an accomplice, and I found it in Raimón Samsó, who I had met years back, thanks to our respective books. Raimón is, besides the coauthor of our book “7 Strategies to get the Most out of Self-Help Books”, a professional and financial coach (I will soon post an article about him and his books). He is also a writer and motivational seminar leader. Besides that, he is a good friend, who is happy for his friends´ successes but also gives support during rocky rides.

A brief interview about our collaboration:

LCL – Why did you agree to write 7 Strategies with me?

RS – How could I not accept a proposal from such an admirable coauthor? (Here is where I blush, but I gracefully accept his compliment) Besides, I´ve always wanted to have the experience of collaborating with someone on a book. It was a professional challenge, a learning experience (For the record, I feel the same way!).

LCL – How do you feel about our collaboration?

RS – It was great, simple, fluid… Collaborating with a like-minded writer is the easiest thing in the world. You hardly have to talk. Everything is clear (He´s right, it was that easy).

LCL – What was the easiest and the most difficult aspect of writing that book?

RS – The easiest thing was to share the workload. The most difficult, as usual, to accept suggestions on changes to my writing. Although, I am easy to convince. (I have to say I´m a bit bossy when it comes to writing, and Raimon was very adaptable. Thank you, friend!)

LCL – How would you summarize the message of our book?

RS - Experiment, experiment, experiment… And act, act, act… It´s incredible that humanity continues to suffer, when there is so much knowledge available for thousands of years, waiting for us to put it in practice (I would add: even if you think something is not producing results, continue trying in different ways, and one day you will see the results).

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