Sunday, March 14, 2010

But .. that´s SO hard!

“Oh, but... That´s SO hard!”

Have you ever said it as an excuse not to do something you would really like to?
A difficulty should not be an obstacle. Writers have to get used to “difficulty” and rejection if we want one day to enjoy an acceptance or even a request to write.
Not to brag, but I have fifteen books published. Not all of them were accepted the first time around, however. I Feel Fat received several rejections, because “nobody knows what bulimia is”, and because “it isn´t an interesting subject”. The Challenge of Writing and Publishing was rejected because “people who write think they know it all” and “who is going to read a book about how to write?” My novel Voice Mail received many rejections, and one publisher offered to take it as long as I made the main characters gay men instead of lesbians. I said no, and knocked on other doors. Then a better publishing house took it without my having to make any changes.
The positive side of rejection and of persistence, no matter how difficult it may seem, is that when rejection or difficulty happens again down the road, you know it is circumstantial. Then you take it in stride, because you know everything is not lost. All it takes is for one person or in my case, one publisher to say yes. Besides, now when I get a rejection I tell myself that when I have my own reality TV show, they will even want to publish my blogs. And of course, that would be really hard! Or then again … would it?

PS.- In the picture, with my kids at the Madrid Book Fair in 2006. I miss it!

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  1. Yo siempre pienso que cuando algo no sale es pq viene algo mejor en camino...