Monday, March 29, 2010

Pressed for time?

Time management is not easy, but it is simple, just like making a financial budget. Most people I know claim not to have time to do what they really want to. In fact, I have the exact same complaint. Throughout the years, however, I have learned to prioritize the things that are most important to me and I make the time for them. These are mainly running or practicing some form of exercise regularly and writing books, in addition to my free-lance writing and translating work. Raising my kids is weaved into everything else.
My “secret” to actually getting to do the things that are important to me is that I do not watch TV. I don´t mean that I don´t watch a lot of TV, it means I don´t watch it at all. My kids don´t watch TV at home either, so that has greatly contributed to their love of books and crafts. For news, I have the Internet, and if I want to watch a film, I rent a DVD, and even then I rarely indulge in that.
So, for those who complain about not having time to write a book, pursue a hobby or hit the gym, my first question would be: how much of your TV time are you willing to give up?

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