Thursday, August 26, 2010

5 Tips to Improve Productivity and Motivation in Your Workspace, by Michael Schnippering

Are you as the owner of a business looking for new ways to improve employee morale and boost creativity? Do you ever wonder if adding features like Jacuzzi tubs and tennis courts will help?

When it comes to improving the productivity of employees there is no right answer. The key is great leadership! Management needs to constantly find new approaches to motivate employees with what they say and do - furniture and decor is just one part of it.

Many company owners have asked us if redesigning an office in a more unconventional way will improve results. Managers believe that productivity will increase just by adding entertainment areas, just like Google did in their main offices. This is not so.

Recently we designed a sales department in Dallas, Texas according to the principles of Feng Shui for offices. After we did the complete Feng Shui consultation based on the Sitting and the Facing of the space we knew which Feng Shui colors and materials to introduce, and even more important those we need to avoid, in order to create an environment conducive to success.

Based on a variety of energy-enhancing aspects, we had individual conversations with each top producer of the organization. We used their input to create a customized workplace for each of them.

If you want to create a productive environment, it is far more important to involve each individual employee and ask them for input and ideas to create a sense of 'ownership' for best results. When you hire a Feng Shui Consultant you are not just hiring an interior designer to turn an office into a game park - though interior design based on Feng Shui Principles definitely works!

5 simple tips on how to make Feng Shui work for you at the office:

1. De-Clutter: Cleanliness is very important. Any space you are spending the majority of time in has to be clean of dust. Of course, you do not have to be the perfect office organizer to achieve these tasks, yet you do need to create some sort of order. Clear our all things in your workspace that serve as distractions. Keep around you only those items you need to get your work done in an orderly manner.

2. Adjust Lighting: When you have enough natural light it will lift your spirits and help you become more productive. If your office has a window, try to keep the shades up to let natural light in. However, keep in mind that too much light can have the opposite effect. Find the right lighting balance.

3. Desk Position: Avoid positioning your desk so that you are sitting with your back towards the door. This will make you feel vulnerable and has a negative impact on your ability to concentrate. If you feel uncomfortable working while sitting facing a certain direction, do not hesitate to move your desk if possible. We all have four good supporting sitting directions. If you find your best direction you will quickly realize that your concentration level goes up which will make you more productive.

4. Avoid Sharp Angles: If you find yourself sitting at your desk and have the sharp angle of a wall or cabinet acting as a knife pointing at you - camouflage this angle by placing an indoor plant in front of it. Sharp angles are considered "Metal Sha" and these negative energies can have a piercing effect on you. A plant is a good way to soften the angle - again, you will be more productive and reduce the risk of restlessness.

5. Color: If you have the choice to paint your own office, choose a neutral color. Avoid extreme colors like red tones. The color red belongs to the Fire element, and without a complete Feng Shui Consultation you may do more harm than good for your office's Feng Shui energies. Play it safe!

Michael Schnippering is Chief Executive Officer of Feng Shui at Work. Feng Shui at Work is an international company that provides onsite and online Feng Shui Consultations worldwide.


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