Monday, August 23, 2010

7 Tips to Create a Space of your Own

Everyone needs to have a room of one’s own, as V. Woolf said. Of course it doesn’t have to be a physical room. It can be a mental, emotional or spiritual room. It can be an apartment and it can be a house.

It can be a cabinet, a shrine, the bathroom, or a deep breath while you stand before the ocean.

In order to succeed at life, in order to find balance, to follow your calling, to step back when the moment so requires and reflect … you need your own space. Only by embracing solitude can we also fully embrace relationships and all their intricacies and nuances. And by relationships I mean professional, intimate, parent-child, love, friendship, family, casual and more …

7 tips to create that space:

- Set time aside daily or weekly at least to be alone with your own thoughts and feelings.

- Take yourself on a date. Nobody else should be with you. Go to a bookstore, a thrift store, a museum, the movies, whatever tickles you.

- Turn off your phone, computer, doorbell, and read a book for a half hour.

- Go for a long walk or a run, alone.

- Tell your children, your significant other and your family members that you need a few minutes of alone time.

- Take up a manual activity – carpentry, beading, knitting, drawing … This frees your mind.

- Write in your journal, or work on a vision board.

Solitude can be nurturing, replenishing, energizing, reflective and many more things. It soothes the soul.

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