Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Emotional Energy Factor

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Who doesn´t want to have “more energy”?

That´s why we consume caffeine, power drinks and even drugs.
We don´t need more physical energy, however. We need more emotional energy.

Emotional energy can override physical exhaustion and keep you awake, interested and going …

Emotional fatigue can keep you from living a full life, and yet a lot of us have suffered or suffer from it to a certain degree.

The first step to overcome emotional fatigue is to recognize and acknowledge it. Worry, anger, envy, unresolved business, mental and physical clutter and toxic interactions are just some of the culprits.

The solution to emotional fatigue is not eliminating problems – they will always arise in one form or another – but facing them and solving them.

A bad marriage, a layoff, an endless to-do list, an illness, can all trigger emotional fatigue. So can daily irritations if we let them build up without an appropriate outlet.

Performing an act of kindness, practicing a sport, creating art, enjoying the company of uplifting friends and playing with your children can increase your emotional energy.

If you feel drained, tired, irritable, listless, and otherwise unenthused with life:
  • Visit a doctor to rule out any physical ailment and of course clinical depression
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet
  • Take care of your appearance. Knowing you look good makes you feel good!
  • Learn something new. Sign up to a class or read a book about a topic that interests you
  • Make dates with yourself and enjoy your time alone
  • Create art: draw, cook, take pictures, write, dance, crochet, whatever you feel compelled to do
  • Minimize interactions with toxic people (the kind that drain you) and increase interactions with uplifting folks (the kind that make your heart smile)
  • Learn to say no (to things you really don´t want to do)
  • Prioritize
  • Pray or meditate (you don´t have to be religious to do this)
  • Eliminate clutter from your home, your closet and your mind. Throw or give away what you no longer need.
  • Have a written “to do” list or a planner so you aren´t always “on” and trying to remember things
  • Take yourself, and life, with a grain – or many – of salt. We are all going to die in the end, you know! But … don´t drain yourself by worrying about that too!

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