Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Persistence and Patience: Keys to Success

Bouldering. 2010. 
At times we may feel that no matter how much we do, we just aren´t making progress, and that can be extremely discouraging. That’s when we need to keep in mind that the results of our efforts are rarely instantaneous. When you plant a seed and water it daily, it’s spreading its roots, even though you cannot see it. Until it sprouts, you must have faith in the natural process that is taking place below the surface of the soil, and that is invisible to the eye. 

Life is very similar. You go on a diet and of course you don´t lose ten pounds on the first day. But as you reduce your caloric intake and increases the energy expenditure through exercise, your metabolism changes and one fine day you realize your pants are loose!

You send out resumes, go to job interviews, and a few months later you receive several job offers.  

When you think your efforts are worthless, focus on the success of actually making the effort. Results are out of your hands, but the more you do, the greater your likelihood of achieving your goals.

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  1. Keep everything Zen. The spring flood doesn't come when the winter snow starts falling.