Wednesday, March 30, 2011


There is a time and place for everything. Life is a marathon, but in some stretches you just gotta sprint and learn to push out of your way anything that will distract you from reaching your goals.

These last weeks I’ve been buried in a couple of very important issues.

One of them, a rather difficult and draining beaurocratic process, I did not feel like dealing with, but had to. The other, a very interesting professional challenge, I was excited about.

In order to accomplish both, each day I had to make the decision to eliminate everything and anything that had nothing to do with those two impending issues.

The result was that I missed one of my best friends´ birthday party, wasn’t able to take phone calls, didn’t write my blog posts and the house was a mess. But I got the most important things done, and now I can get on with the rest of my life.

Prioritizing every week and every day helps me achieve my goals, while I also manage to devote time and energy to those I love.  

What is your priority this week and what are you willing to do to stick to it?  

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