Friday, May 6, 2011

Being a Happy Mom

It is Mother´s week! In Spain it was Mother´s day on the first Sunday of May. In the U.S. and some Latin American countries it happens on the second Sunday of May.  

A male friend once said about his mother: “All she´s done in life is be a mom. That´s all”.

It saddened me to hear that comment, because not only was she a mom, but the divorced mom of three kids and if raising children alongside their dad is difficult, doing it alone is even harder.

Being a mom goes hand in hand with wondering whether you´re good enough. It´s genetic, according to what I’ve read, and we moms must learn to go with our instincts and not try to fit into the mold of the perfect mom.

Besides, what does being a perfect mother even mean? Buying your kids the latest electronic gadget? Signing them up to endless extracurricular activities? Baking cupcakes from scratch? Giving in to their every whim?

Let’s give ourselves a break and stop comparing ourselves with other moms. If you wonder whether you are a good mom, you most likely are!

Find ways to enjoy motherhood and be happy, because you deserve it. Being a mom that spends time with her kids and gives them her undivided attention regularly – especially in this day and age, when time is a luxury – is a huge success. Never doubt that!

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