Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inspirational Jewelry

I love jewelry with a message, and here I am sharing a few of my faves. The first is a ring I´ve been wearing for years since I gave it to myself for Christmas, and that has my kids´ names engraved. They love it!

Nelle and lizzy sterling silver ring that you can customize with your kid or kids´ names or any other word. They also carry charm bracelets and necklaces.

Bel Kai Designs necklaces, especially the one that says “I am enough” . It is part of a motivational movement, and I thought it was a beautiful way to remind ourselves of our self-worth.

The Spanish brand Tous carries pendants for moms. I´m not a fan of their signature bear, which is their logo, but they have some nice stuff.

Silpada Designs also carries motivational jewelry, with messages such as “Follow your dreams” or “Peace within”.

If you have faves of your own, please share!

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