Monday, June 27, 2011

How to achieve your goals

Lately I’m a bit sick of all the canned positive messages, despite being the author of self-help books. The general message seems to be that we must want to achieve stardom or have the bank account balance of Donald Trump to be happy. Many people are going to get seriously depressed under that kind of pressure. Especially in this economy!

I believe it’s perfectly fine to have humble goals as long as you are ok with that. And you don’t have to travel to Tibet to meditate or wear amulets around your neck to attract positive changes in your life.  
However, even if your goals are not that big, you may find it difficult to achieve them. If so, try the following:

-       When you know what you want, take action. No matter how small, take a step in the direction of your goal. That will counteract the inertia of doing nothing about your current situation.

-       Make a plan. What will you do and by when? If you want to land a job in three months’ time, how many résumés will you send out every week? How many people will you contact on LinkedIn? What friends or acquaintances will you tell that you are looking for a job?

-       Enlist a partner. Ask a friend who has a similar goal to be your pacing partner. Giving each other support will help you keep on going when one of you wants to quit.  

-       Commit yourself. Few goals are achieved from one day to the next. Keep in mind that there will be difficult times and days when it will seem nothing is happening. Wait those moments out, and just keep going. Too many people give up right before they were about to achieve something they wanted.

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