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Susie Wang - 100% Pure, 100% Success

It’s not easy to find skin care products that agree with your skin and your senses. It’s even more difficult to find reasonably priced natural skin care that will accomplish the latter. After testing some of the 100% Pure brand skin care products, I was hooked.

Also, it was obvious that care was taken to provide the user with plenty of information on the products on the company website, and that it was more than just a business. I wanted to know who was behind the brand with the subtle natural scents and pretty packaging, whose message resonated with a passion.  

Susie Wang, the founder of 100% Pure, took the time to answer my questions.

Susie Wang
This is why she launched her own skin care line in 2005, based on natural products:

LCL- When, how and why did you found 100% Pure?

SW- During college I invented a way to stabilize natural ingredients from oxidizing in skincare products so I patented the process.  Some of the world's largest cosmetic companies asked me to formulate and develop products for them.  This was my dream job, so I put school on hiatus and began working on formulas and product development for some of the world’s largest cosmetic companies.  It was during this time when I learned of the dangers of some chemicals in cosmetics.  One day in the lab, I accidentally spilled a chemical onto the lab table and it literally warped the hard plastic lab counter.  I later discovered a lot of the chemicals are toxic and cancer causing.  That's when I decided to launch a healthy, pure, nourishing line that's much better for women than the harsh chemical alternatives.

LCL- What have been your greatest challenges and how have you overcome them?

SW- The biggest challenge has been hiring the right people. In the beginning, I didn't know how to hire well and I have had some really strange employees.  I have since implemented background checks on everyone and have made it mandatory for my fiancé, who is also my business partner, to have to approve as well. 

LCL- What are the biggest rewards that 100% Pure has given you?

SW- Being honest to women – helping them not pollute their skin, their blood stream and instead, nourishing them. And that we have the resources to help animals.

LCL- What is in your bucket list?

SW- One day, I’d like to launch an animal sanctuary to help animals that nobody wants, where they can live and have a good life.  I would also love to see more of the world.  I've been to many places in Asia and Europe but I'd love to see Africa, the Amazon, India, Australia and South America.

LCL- What would you say to others who would like to realize their own dream?

SW- I would highly encourage it! There is nothing more rewarding than to do what you love.  It's worse to live your whole life and not even try to achieve your dream.  It's better to at least try.

My 100%Pure picks:

I’ve sampled a few of 100% Pure products for a while now and here are my personal favorites:

Skin Brightening Collection Great for reviving dull skin. The foaming cleanser is soft and energizing, the scrub+mask is an instant pick-me-up and the night balm is nourishing and calming. Tip: warm the night balm by rubbing your fingers together and then apply. It has a thick consistency and needs to be used sparingly. I am in love with this line.

Organic Cucumber Eye Cream GelI love the scent, the consistency and that it has twice as much in the bottle as your regular eye cream. It brightens the eye area but is absorbed quickly.

Blood Orange Body ButterAnother top pick. The scent is energizing without being overpowering. The consistency is thick and also needs to be warmed with your hands before applying. It feels nourishing and gives skin a healthy glow. 

Fruit Pigmented Luminescent PowderSomewhere between a bronzer and a blush it gives just enough luminescence to brighten your complexion without looking overdone. Love it!

Fruit Pigmented Lip CreamsticksChubby lip pencils that double up as liners. Velvety feeling, soft tone and feel moisturizing. Convenient and time-saving.

To purchase 100% Pure in the US:

To purchase 100% Pure in Europe:

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