Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Digital Mom Handbook

Can you make money blogging? You bet! Audrey McClelland of Momgenerations.com and Colleen Padilla, of Classymommy.com are proof of it. Their successfully monetized sites gave way to their book The Digital Mom Handbook, recently published by Harper Collins.

In a no-frills down to earth tone, these real-life moms tell how they started posting to an audience of one: their own mother or mother in law, and gradually built their respective audiences until they started getting swag – free products for review, trips and other incentives – and, eventually, paid advertisers.

They never promise that mom bloggers can monetize their blogs overnight and become success stories like themselves, and they do state that they made 0 dollars in their first years of posting daily – sometimes several times a day!

Some of their tips:

-       Blog about your passion
-       Be consistent
-       Find your tribe, aka make friends with other bloggers
-       Remember the kids, aka don´t get swallowed by the black hole that is the Internet
-       Have fun!

This book is not only for mom bloggers, but also for any woman who would like to start a blog and monetize it but has no idea how to go about it. 

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