Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Make-up to Look and Feel Better

When we look at photos in magazines we may feel that we don´t measure up to the glamorous celebs. Then, of course there are the tabloid pictures in which they criticize the same celebs for having under-eye circles, blotchy skin or wrinkles, when photographed without makeup.

A little makeup goes a long way in making any woman look perkier and, to prove this, I´m including pictures of my eyes before and after makeup (right after a run and a shower). They are both taken with the same bathroom light, and are not retouched or enhanced in any way.  

Time taken to apply makeup: 10 minutes (I did my whole face but I wanted to see the difference in the eyes, the mirror to the soul!). The second picture is taken just a few minutes after the first.

Almost all the products I´m wearing are by It Cosmetics, which I received samples of to test. I only used here those that have given me the best results in the last few days.

Under the eyes: Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in Neutral Medium (it´s waterproof and must be used veeeeery sparingly).

On eyelids: Bye Bye Lid Lines as a primer and Brow Power Lift as an illuminator (that did away with the redness).

On complexion, Clinique Workout Makeup in Bisque and over it all, Bye Bye Pores, to set the concealer and foundation (I loved this translucent powder).

I used the
It Cosmetics neutral eye shadow palette also as eyeliner.

The mascara is an all time classic: Maybelline Great Lash in brown/black.

I do invest ten to fifteen minutes a day in applying makeup, because looking better makes me feel better and that, is priceless.

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