Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Doing whatever it takes

My entries are often sparked by conversations and comments I pick up on. A couple days ago a friend told me he admired my quality of doing whatever it takes to get things done and make it happen in my own terms.
Of course I felt good hearing this, but on the other hand I know it is true. However, it is not something I gloat about, because it has become second nature. The main reason most people are not self-motivated is because they do not make attaining their goals part of their life-style. I believe the only reason I am so determined is because over time I made it a habit. When I incorporate something to my schedule, I tend to stick to it. I don't get lost in the last minute "should I or shouldn't I ..... ". The blank could be filled with - "go to the gym", "drive 40 miles to a dance lesson", "write another chapter in my next book", "call 10 people for my business" ... or any other number of things.
Eliminating the clutter of indecision has not only made me a fast decision-maker but it also helps me to not question the unquestionable. I want to do something - I do it. There is really no mystery to that. If you repeat this enough times ... you will be fit, write books, compose music, learn a new skill and be overall happy with who you are. Then circumstances will be just that ... circumstances, and never an excuse to not do the things you value.

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