Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fabulous after Forty!

I told myself that if I wasn´t a mom before 25, I didn´t want to have kids! I didn´t want to be an “old” mom. Of course life is what happens while we are making plans and circumstances did not allow for me to make my wish come true. My first significant other already had children and didn´t want more. I was so young that I agreed to that, but deep down I still wanted to be a mom. Perhaps I was not ready physically and most importantly, emotionally, plus I didn´t meet the person who would be the father of my children until I was 34 – and between waiting a bit, and dealing with infertility (which resolved itself on its own!) I didn´t have my first baby until I hit 37. The second came around when I turned 40.

Today, May 4 it is my eldest daughter´s 9th birthday and in June, my little redheaded princess will turn 6.
I didn´t have time to have a midlife crisis at the 40-year old mark since I was so busy being a mommy and juggling that with keeping house and with my career as a writer. In August I will turn 47, and somehow it just doesn´t seem to register. I mean this in a good way.
A frequent question I get is – how do I manage to look radiant, energetic and joyful, even when I have as many challenges and as full a plate as the next woman?
As I mention in other posts, we can all give a list of excuses for being down – in my case I could list being the child of a traumatic divorce, being depressed as a teenager, having had an eating disorder, relationships gone sour, separation, divorce, financial hardship – you name it. You probably have your own list !

But then there is another list, which is my list for feeling fabulous after 40, and which includes having two wonderful children, good health, a fit body, a calm mind, supportive friends, a passion for writing, empathy, the opportunity to use my skills every day, self-motivation, and simply – life. I am happier in my skin (even if it´s starting to sag) than ever before, and my biggest concern about ageing is that I´m running out of time!
That is why I decided to enter the Fabulous after Forty contest in More Magazine. I may stand a slim chance of winning, since there are so many other fabulous women out there, which is very nice to see (I enjoy being in touch with strong, positive and beautiful women inside and out), but why not try?

To see my entry, please click HERE and if you feel inclined to vote, my kids and I will greatly appreciate it!

Do you feel fabulous after 40 or whatever your age, and why?


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