Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lola Belmonte, magazine editor, turns loss into personal growth

Over ten years ago, when I lived in Spain, the editor of a magazine (Verdemente) wrote to me regarding one of my books. She interviewed me and then I went on to write monthly articles and stories for her monthly publication. Then she founded another magazine (Gente) and I collaborated with it too. I had two kids, moved to the U.S. and time and distance did the rest, until Facebook reunited us. Thanks to that, today I am the one doing the interview on Lola C. Belmonte and feel honored to tell her personal success story.

LCL.- Which do you consider to be your biggest success?

LCB. – My biggest personal success was getting back on my feet after losing it all. In 2001 I lost my first magazine, Verdemente, which I created on my own, putting a lot of work and effort into it. I directed the magazine for 8 years and I left it with many clients and readers. After my first business partner, who came on board after I had launched the publication, I had another partner who made things really difficult for me. Later on I found it had been premeditated. Those who have launched their own business know that it is not only a question of work. It is excitement, risk, creation and effort; it is almost like having a child.

In the same year, Lola lost her mother, and had to grieve two losses.

LCB.- Thank God and destiny, after a while I got back on my feet and launched another paper magazine, that then went on to be a web publication and is now moving on to video.

Thanks to loss, I did not stagnate and now I keep on working with media I enjoy a lot more. My father told me I was nearly born in a movie theater. They had to run out because my mother went into labor. I never knew what movie I interrupted for them, but I obviously wanted to see it! That’s why I believe that I’m in the perfect place. I’m good at videos and one day I will take myself a little further and perhaps create my own stories with even greater freedom.

LCL.- What character traits helped you move forward?

LCB.- Determination, perseverance, not allowing myself to be thrown off by the first obstacle, creativity for problem-solving and my ability to improvise that always amazes my clients.

LCL.- Who has helped you along the way?

LCB.- On the one hand, the people who supported me and gave me strength: my family and friends. And on the other hand, those who challenged me by stepping on my toes and teaching me to fight back. Also my loved ones, who gave me joy.

LCL.- How do you keep your spirits up?

LCB.- In several ways. When I still have strength, I walk. I’ve walked all over the city of Madrid. But when I don’t feel so strong, then I board a bus to nowhere in particular. Movement makes me feel relaxed and open-minded. It opens my soul and when I get off the bus, I feel a lot better and perhaps having discovered new parts of town.

LCL.- In one sentence, sum up what you would say to someone who is going through a rough patch.

LCB.- It’s an old saying. He who wants to, does more than he who is able to. But you must really want it, and not half-heartedly. Ask and you shall receive.

LCL.- Thanks, Lola, and good luck on your new venture. Although, you make your own luck!

To see the work of Lola C. Belmonte and practice your Spanish:

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