Monday, May 17, 2010

Running in the Rain

This morning I slathered on sunscreen before going out for my run. As I parked by the beach, I realized I wouldn´t need the sunscreen, since it was – all of a sudden - cloudy and raining (I live in Florida). So much for “waterproof sunscreen”, I thought, as I felt it sting my eyes when I set out to run in the rain. I had nothing to dry my eyes with other than my ponytail, which was soon drenched too.
As I trudged on, wet sand under my feet and pelting rain on my face making every step that much more difficult, I thought how easy it would have been to turn back. Short of a thunderstorm or illness, however, there are few things that will deter me when I am determined to go on a run.
I must explain I am not a daily runner, I don´t run marathons and I don´t train. I´m not a masochist or at least I don´t think I am. I run regularly because I´m hooked on endorphins and because I meditate better when in motion. I don´t count time or miles, I simply run, jog or shuffle, depending on the day, and make every breath count. I don´t always enjoy running, but I always enjoy having run. The same applies to my writing, by the way.
I realized today that by not even considering turning back because it rains, because it´s cold, because it´s hot, because it´s late or early is how, over the years, I have become true to myself. Running under the worst weather conditions has taught me that if I keep showing up regardless of the conditions, then one day – usually out of the blue - everything is perfect. The temperature is just right, the terrain is leveled, I am rested, in good spirits, and then it feels effortless and joyful.
Today, I was filled with satisfaction, with self-love and admiration, realizing that I do in fact walk the walk, or run the run, write the book … rain or shine, and that I apply it to every other aspect of life. This has helped me achieve things such as overcome a severe eating disorder and depression, end dysfunctional relationships, write and publish inspiring books and raise two great kids.

How do you figuratively keep on running in the rain?

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