Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On Ho'Oponopono or Being Responsible and Forgiving

If you are interested in feeling lighter of spirit and heart, clearing yourself of resentments and inner turmoil, taking responsibility for how you feel, finding closure and moving on, then Ho´Oponopono may be for you!

You can find more about it in Wikipedia, or by googling it.

This is based on an ancient Hawaian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness that was carried out as a family or a community when there were ill feelings amongst them. They believed that feeling grudges and anger, for instance, made the body ill.

I´m not Hawaiian or ancient (yet!), but I know that when I am angry or resentful I don´t feel as good and don´t look as pretty. I also know that it is unlikely that others will stop behaving in the way that makes me angry and resentful, on demand. So I adhere to the Ho´Oponopono method of taking responsibility for how I feel, regardless of others. The only person I can do something about is me.

We don´t see things the way they are, say the followers of this ancient practice; we see them the way we are. I knew that before I read about Ho´Oponopono, so that makes it that much easier to absorb.
In order to clear yourself of ill feelings, says the simplistic approach to this method, you must follow the following four steps, over and over. And, according to many, it works. 

I’ve heard of more far-fetched ideas than this, so why not give it a try. If it works, it works, and if not, at least your mind is busy with nice thoughts instead of brooding.

When you are feeling out of sorts, angry, upset, sad, repeat the following phrases mentally.

1.- I’m sorry (You are saying this to the Divine, to a Higher Power, or whatever you believe in)
2.- Please forgive me (Assuming responsibility for your part in the feeling or event)
3.- Thank you (Letting go of the ill feeling)
4.- I love you (Letting in love and loving yourself and others)

Even if you don’t do this, the simple act of acknowledging that we are responsible for how we feel and that we have no control over other people, places or things, and doing our best to see the best in people or at least understand where they are coming from makes for a much lighter heart.

When I was a lot younger I knew how to bear a grudge and my heart was heavy. As time passes, my heart feels lighter and life gets better. Nothing has changed on the outside. It's all in the eyes of the beholder. 

What a better time to start this practice than right before the holidays! I wish you peace ... 

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