Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Simple Entrepreneurial Recipe for Success

Jodie and Dustin Goeggle
Be good at what you do, know your market and reduce your overhead during a recession.

That’s what Jodie and Dustin Goeggle, owners of have been successfully doing for 17 years.

When they showed me around their factory in Naples, Florida, I saw T-shirts with the logo of Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” bar in Key West being printed, alongside those of The Lazy Flamingo in Sanibel Island.

After many years of tried and true entrepreneurial success, the Goeggles decided to go online and offer customers everywhere the possibility of ordering custom printing or embroidery on the Internet at wholesale prices.

They provide the same fast, professional and reliable service as usual, but with the added bonus of the client being able to upload their logo or artwork to their website. They then tweak it and send it back to the customer for approval. The turnaround time is ten days guaranteed delivery, or five if it is a rush order.

Their competitive prices are possible because the Goeggles are not outsourcing the job. I saw how they receive the orders, process them, execute them and mail them from their premises. They also happen to be the providers for my kids’ elementary school T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Whether you need to dress a soccer or football team, your employees, or even your customers, is a reliable place to go for that.

I’ve seen what’s behind the Internet storefront and I know the people who are the heart of the business. A family with their head in the clouds but their feet firmly planted on the ground.

They embody success in the simplest of terms and their recipe is worth repeating: Be good at what you do, know your market and reduce your overhead during a recession.


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