Friday, December 3, 2010

Why I Believe in People

I wrote this post exactly one year ago, on my private Facebook profile, and tagged the friends it pertained to. One year later, I am happy to say 2010 has been a much better year than the one before, and I trust that 2011 will be even better. And if not, I know that I have it in me to weather the storms of life, over and over again. Thanks to them I discovered I have a soul with stamina, and a lot of kind people around me.


2009 was an extremely challenging year for me and my kids, although naturally the real challenges had started a few years back ...

Hardship and how one deals with it can make or break a person. I didn't break. And I didn't break not only because I have learned to develop a soul with stamina, but because there are good persons in this world. I am fortunate to know many of them. For those who do not believe in others ... I would like to share with you a list of things angels that walk the earth have done for me this year alone. I will not mention names because some asked me not to disclose the act of generosity or kindness when I thanked them and I respect that. Someone said: "This is between you and me and God" ... and it is, whatever your beliefs may be.

I hope this list rekindles your belief in people if you ever lost it. I am happy to say I haven't ....

So, THANKS to YOU who (without me asking) ...

- came to my place and pulled me out of bed at midday when I was down, and took me and my kids to get an oil change for my car and to shop for groceries and paid for it all.

- gave me your wedding and engagement rings so I could sell them and pay for bills.

- gave me boxes of cereal for my kids.

- cooked dinner for me and the girls and brought it over.

- cosigned my lease for my apartment.

- bought me a new laptop when my Macbook was stolen.

- paid for my dinner and drinks (often) when I needed to go out and have a good time with my friends.

- prepared a birthday party for me even when I wasn't sure I wanted to celebrate.

- bought my ticket to New York.

- gave me work writing blogs.

- drove me to Miami airport and back when I went to Spain in summer.

- took care of my kids so I could work or go to get my salsa fix.

- bartered services so I could have nice clothes or anything else I needed.

- filled my gas tank.

- wrote and composed a song for me. How cool is that?

- chatted with me when I needed comfort at 4 am in Spain. Thank God for friends in other countries!

- helped me move boxes and boxes and more boxes, even driving across Florida to do it.

- worked with me to get a pampering service for free, at a lower price or with a payment plan.

- paid my rent.

- gave me a great price for all my gold jewelry while I almost cried when selling it.

- held Sterling Silver Silpada shows for me just to help me out.

- connected me with someone who could give me work writing or translating.

- gave my kids clothes.

- taught me that wealth is what you have when you've lost everything.

- made sure my kids were on the list to get gifts this Christmas.

- lent me your entire jewelry display for a Silpada show.

- gave me money to go to the dentist.

- sent me recognition gifts for my jewelry business performance.

- took fantastic pictures of me for my books and jewelry biz for free.

- gave me your own stuff to sell on e bay so I could keep the money.

- paid me a compliment when I did not feel at my best.

- told me I would make it.

- changed my tire and wasted the entire morning doing it.

- respected the times I needed to be alone and came hastily when I needed company.

- performed an expensive surgery practically for free.

- accepted me for who I am.

I know there are more things, but these are the ones that come to mind right now.
People are good ... and I also believe others mirror who we are.

For that I am grateful.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart!


  1. Lorraine, simply stated YOU ROCK! Thank you for being such a light and such an inspiration...You deserve ALL the success in the world. Much love to you!

  2. Aymee, you are in this post too. Love and light!