Monday, January 31, 2011

Don´t Fear Change

 What aspects of your life would you improve upon and which are you content with?

Don’t focus on what others say, be it your parents, in-laws, your partner or your friends. Don’t follow the latest fad, whether it’s being an entrepreneur, doing yoga or skydiving. If that’s just not your thing, why jump on that wagon? ¿What would YOU like to achieve? What do YOU want your day-to-day look like?

And what can YOU do now to take another step towards your goals?

Happiness should not be postponed. I know first-hand that you can be joyful even when you’ve lost everything that supposedly provides security. So, stop thinking you will be happy when you have this or that or achieve the other.  

Many things impact your mood and your energy level, mostly your thoughts. Metaphysics aside, you can choose to face life as a good sport and with determination, or as if it were a bad toothache. The Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset advised us that life cannot be lived the second way.  

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