Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You Could be a Host Family for Exchange Students from Spain!

It’s a small world! Three years ago I reconnected with a friend I had gone to school with in Spain, at King´s College, 30-some years ago, and it turned out we both live in Florida, albeit in different cities.

She is the owner of Spanish Legacy, in Sarasota, FL and is now preparing English camps in Sarasota for Spanish students. The youths enroll in two-week camps in which they stay with American host families during evenings and weekends and spend most of the day at camp, learning English and participating in a host of activities.

Being bi-cultural and bilingual myself, I can only speak of the benefits of learning first hand about other cultures and languages. It broadens your horizons and opens doors that are closed to those who only know their own culture and language. This is a modern-day reality. The more languages you speak, the better equipped you are to network with the whole world! The Internet has made this possible.

If you have teenage children, you may want to consider inviting a Spaniard into your home and make him or her a part of your family for two weeks or more next summer.

Spanish Legacy carefully selects the host families and the exchange students and it is a win-win situation for both parties. 

My children, also born of bilingual and bicultural parents (multi-cultural would be more accurate!) attended Spanish Legacy last summer to learn Spanish, and I can say that every trip they take to their other country, Spain, brings them back more fluent and more open-minded and self-confident.

To know more about Spanish Legacy and their summer exchange programs in Florida, visit www.spanishlegacy.com .

To know more about my books, to include the latest, which will be released next month, visit: www.lorrainecladish.com

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