Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Starting Over: How to Find Love when You've lost Hope.

In a couple of weeks, my sixteenth book will be hitting the bookstores. The title in Spanish: Volver a empezar: cómo encontrar el amor si has perdido la esperanza (Starting Over: How to find love if you’ve lost hope), published by ediciones Obelisco.

Every one of my books is filled with experience and learning, a lot of work and plenty of enthusiasm.

Following, is the text of the back cover and although it will soon be available in any bookstore it can be reserved at Jardín del Libro. If you read Spanish and would like to receive updates, click here. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the readers of my blog and my books, since having readers is what enables me to continue to publish.

Back Cover:

Would you like to start a new relationship but find you’ve lost hope, think it’s too late or that the wounds of negative past experiences will never heal?

Life is too short to stop taking risks in any aspect of life, including love. When a writer’s manuscript is rejected, he cannot consider that his career is over. Likewise, when a marriage is over, that does not mean that the next relationship is also doomed.

The first step towards being in a stable and happy relationship is to keep an open and fresh attitude towards love and friendship. What applies to love also goes for the professional field: those who learn to reinvent themselves during a setback are more likely to find a better job or follow their calling and succeed than the blamers and complainers who are not proactive.

No matter what your age, whether you are separated or divorced, have children or not, this book will help you understand that attitude is everything and that it is possible to be happy in a new relationship.


Lorraine C. Ladish is the author of two novels and fourteen non-fiction titles. Bilingual in English and Spanish, she is a professional translator and interpreter, based in Florida. To know more about the author:

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