Thursday, April 7, 2011

Overcome the Feeling of Defeat

We must avoid wallowing in the sense of defeat caused by a circumstance.

It’s easy to feel defeated because your car was repoed, your house was foreclosed or the love of your life skipped town.

Keep in mind that you are not your circumstances. You are the person who experiences them. 

It’s in your hand to change that circumstance and unless you’re some lazy bum who lays on the couch and does nothing to change his or her life, nobody can rightly criticize you because something happened that was beyond your control.

And if they do badmouth you, rest assured that they have most likely not yet experienced something similar. And I say “yet” because life has a peculiar way of putting everyone in his or her place, sooner or later.

Avoid thinking that your loss or crisis will last forever. You won’t be single or jobless for life nor depressed until the day you die. If you set out to recover from the punches life dishes out, you will soon enjoy its caresses.

When you feel your efforts are good for naught, focus on the success of making the effort. You cannot control the results, but the more you put into it, the greater your chances of achieving any goal you set out to accomplish.  

Chin up! I speak from experience!

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