Monday, April 25, 2011

Tips for Latina Moms

With my youngest, at the movies
Being a good mom is not at odds with being successful in other areas. As a working mom of two girls, I’m passionate about combining child rearing with pursuing one’s personal and professional dreams and goals.

I’m happy to announce (actually, jumping up and down would better describe the feeling) that I have just launched as the Guide -writer and editor- of the section Consejos de mamá (Mom´s advice for Latina Moms) at en español, of the New York Times Company.

All the articles, tips and blogs in my new site are aimed at Spanish-speaking moms that need information, support or simply to laugh when they read something they can relate to.
Latina moms will find useful information such as: how to tidy the house in 20 minutes, how to look like you actually slept, and how to choose the best day care, to name a few.

There are also book and product reviews, forums and newsletters.

If you speak Spanish, I invite you to walk with me in this new venture, and to share it with Latina moms, aunts, grandmas, babysitters …

We all need to find ways to manage the family budget, the home and take care of the kids and ourselves.

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