Monday, July 12, 2010

Coaching for Latinas, with Sheila Morataya

Sheila Morataya, 47, is a life coach, speaker, columnist and writer besides being a proud wife and mother. Originally from El Salvador, she arrived in the U.S. 15 years ago, and became an American citizen. She survived one of the most bloodthirsty and longest wars in Central America. Always passionate about women and their world, she eventually obtained a Masters in Marriage and Family by the University of Navarra. She is a specialist in logo therapy and graduated from The Coach Training Institute. She has a blog in entitled Sheila Morataya, The World from a Woman´s Point of View and will soon launch a new blog - Only Coaching, also at In fact, that is how we met! We are fellow bloggers in the popular Spanish magazine.

In her new blog, Only Coaching, Sheila will deal with subjects such as “Who needs a Life Coach?”, “How can I use coaching to help my children?”, or “How do I know if someone is a good coach?” Sheila mostly deals with the Latino community, both in the U.S. and abroad. Her upcoming blog, in Spanish, promises to be of interest to every woman who wants to be the best version of herself and improve one or all aspects of her life.

Sheila believes her biggest success is “having become an advocate for women and their self-esteem, after having overcome my own struggle with my self-image due to my history of sexual abuse.”

Her persistence and the help from her parents, her husband and her readers, helped Sheila become a coach and help other women, after first having helped herself.

Sheila overcomes her down moments with prayer and a strict inner life plan, but she is open minded and helps anybody regardless of religion, sexual orientation or anything else.

“By using your brain and the power of your human spirit you can move mountains”, says Sheila.

Her tag-line at the end of every blog entry is: “Together, we are headed towards success!”

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  1. Although she focuses on women I am interested in reading her blog due to our shared background of sexual abuse. Also I love studying women's issues and learning all I can about God's most wondrous creation.

  2. Well, she also deals with men although women are her main focus! She is a wonderful person.