Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Marissa PYNK Monteilh shares her personal success as an author

I met author Marissa PYNK Monteilh online three years ago and even though we have not yet met in person, I feel like we would get along swimmingly. Monteilh is an author and her Facebook updates often include questions about relationships – for her steamy novels no doubt – that elicit streams of responses from her followers. I asked her to share her success story with me, and well – she did.

LCL .- What do you consider to be your personal success story?

MM.- My ten-year long career as a published author is my success story. I’ve been a commercial actress, Fox News reporter, model, relationship talk-show host and also worked in banking and in human resources, yet I always yearned for a profession that would allow me to explore my passion and my gift of writing. The same gift that my seventh-grade teacher acknowledged many years ago. In 1998, I penned my first book, May December Souls, which was semi-autobiographical. I shopped the manuscript around for two years and it seems it was rejected by more people than I submitted it to, however, at the recommendation of Michael Baisden, I self-published the book in 2000. By 2001, I had an agent, and thirty days later, I had a book deal with a major publisher. Thankfully, I’ve been writing at least one book per year since then. I love words. I was determined and encouraged and I’ve worked hard to learn how to write, and to complete my works. I am doing what I love to do – write.

LCL.- What are the traits that you believe helped you achieve your goal or overcome your obstacle?

MM.- My parents were both entrepreneurs and actors/entertainers with very intense creative energy. My father was a well-known tenor saxophone player and my mother owned a real estate company, among other careers. I inherited the daring, fearless natures of my mom and dad, and I always remember their encouraging words, telling me that I can do anything, and that all ideas are gifts from God, that it all depends upon whether or not you allow yourself (and others) to talk you out of the blessings. My strength and determination is in the blood.

LCL.- What people in your life have been key to your achievement?

MM.- Throughout my writing career, the people in my life who have been key to my achievement are, first and foremost, my three children. For more than a decade, they’ve believed in my writing and supported me, and they’ve been patient and understanding of my passion. Also, a great friend named Vicky Rice, who challenged me to start writing and became my discipline-coach back in 1998, held me to my promise to myself that I would finish my first book, and I will always be appreciative to her for that.

LCL.- How did you cheer yourself on during your “down” or doubtful moments?

MM.- I still have doubtful moments when I wonder if I should continue writing books. There are times when I wonder if the love I have for penning novels is requited. But still, every time I say I won’t, I do. I continue to birth another idea and the fever in me that fuels the excitement to start writing that book burns on, and so, I continue to pump out the stories. Along the way I do remember to be grateful, stop, and think back to what it was like making a living doing what I did not enjoy, and somehow, I manage to continue. I don’t know how long I will write, but for now, the little writer-light in me is still shining bright.

LCL.- In one sentence, sum up what you would tell another person who is having a hard time and would like to achieve a goal of any kind, or who is going through a difficult moment.

MM.- I would say that the hard times are actually a good sign that not only is a learned-lesson ahead, but the fruits of the labor will be so much sweeter once the storm is over - sunshine is ahead.

LCL.- Anything else you may want to add?

MM.- I’d like to add that I admire and appreciate Lorraine Ladish, not only for her accomplishments and successes, for following her dreams and doing the hard work, but also for her beautiful spirit. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Success Diaries.

LCL.- (I blush)

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  1. I appreciate the successes of Sheila, Monica Kennedy, Marian Munoz and Lorraine. They and you are true entrepreneurs. I know your triumphs come from many hours of hard work, lots of sacrifice and missed personal opportunities.
    Your epiphanies must be numerous and overwhelming, so don't be hard on yourselves.
    Yes, success can be lonely. My thoughts are with you all. (To each of you) You are an inspiration.
    America is about ideas and choices and special people like you. Live well and never forget that there will always be somebody, that you never thought, loves you.

  2. Thank you, that is a beautiful comment!