Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Success Magazine - A Great Alternative to Gossip Mags!

In an effort to streamline my life, I don´t watch TV and limit my magazine-reading to those that cover subjects that are of real interest to me. That´s why I subscribe to Success Magazine and The Writer. They are a monthly reminder of what I find important and I don´t have to actively seek them out – they come to my mailbox, often when I need them the most.

Success magazine is not only about being a successful entrepreneur, but about overcoming the mind-blocks and road-blocks that prevent the majority from living their dream life. And by dream life I don´t mean being rich and famous, but living the life YOU want, whether it entails writing novels in a garage, homeschooling your kids or owning a beachfront house.

Success magazine features hot-shots such as Steve Jobs, Rachel Ray, Oprah and Magic Johnson and not your average Joe. Some potential readers may be turned off by that, thinking that they will never be able to achieve their level of outward success. But, don´t be daunted – the upside of Success magazine is that it presents the real-life challenges and the dark moments all these outwardly successful icons had to overcome to reach their current status. They are human too.

The publication always includes a CD/DVD with interviews and speeches with the outstanding people featured in each issue. If you´ve never read it, no matter where you stand in life, I suggest you give it a try. There is always something to be gleaned from those who´ve made it and you can apply it to your life to reach the level or kind of success that YOU want.

Reading about successful people is empowering, whereas reading about their break-ups and mess-ups just feeds our lower spirit. Now the choice is up to you: the latest gossip on Brangelina, or the inside scoop on Magic Johnson´s success on the basketball court and as an entrepreneur.


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