Sunday, July 25, 2010

Don´t lose sight of your main life-goal!

Do you make plans or set goals and then get side-tracked because a new business idea or hobby crossed your mind? Do you find yourself daydreaming about future what-ifs and maybes? Well, you are not alone.

My primary life-goal is to be a published author, which I am, and STICK to it, eventually making a living ONLY writing what I want to write. A couple of days ago, however, I found myself wondering if I should take up beading and making jewelry and spent some time researching the prices of silver, silver beads, classes … the works! Another day, not having indulged the dancer in me for a while, I wondered if I should get recertified as a personal trainer and have that as a side-business (and wasted time finding information on that) and just today I was thinking of becoming a life coach!

It´s great to daydream of course, but not when it involves hours of surfing the web or entertaining thoughts that take me away from what I should really be doing which is writing my next novel!

I don´t know about you, but it helps me to have a list of my ongoing goals and my priorities and to revisit them often, especially when my mind starts to drift. I am also lucky to have a pacing partner who reminds me often of what my primary goal is and to STOP entertaining side-tracking thoughts.

The best way to STICK to your guns is to streamline your life and do away with everything and anything that does not contribute to your primary goal. You may need to do work you don´t like for a while, or go to a day job, but if you spend the rest of your time nurturing your passion and not allowing yourself to flit around from one hobby to the next or from one goal to another, once you have pinpointed your big dream, then you will be on track.

How do you stay focused?

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  1. "Wondering"? Have you been multitasking lately?