Thursday, July 15, 2010

Don´t Forget to Celebrate the Small Stuff!

Success can be a daunting word.

Many seem to equate success with making a 6-figure income, becoming a celebrity or achieving an apparently insurmountable goal. But, what if you make a lot of money and you hate your job? You look successful to others but you may feel like a failure.

We forget that personal success is just that - personal.

Also, any large accomplishment or success is usually the result of a lot of smaller accomplishments and successes that often go unnoticed, until you cross that finish line, which is visible to the world. Nobody sees what the runner had to go through, by training daily for months, nursing injuries and overcoming exhaustion, before he made it to the end of the marathon. You are the only one who knows what it took to tame your insecurities, to overcome writer´s block and show up at the keyboard for years – the others will see the published book and perhaps exclaim “you´re so lucky!”

We need to be our own cheerleaders and we need to acknowledge our milestones even when nobody else does. We must own our successes large or small, because they all count.

We know what success looks like from the outside, but here´s what it can look like from the inside:

- Facing a problem instead of running away from it

- Doing something that scares you

- Resubmitting a story for publication that got rejected 20 times already

- Being a rock for your kids even though the funds are low and life is tough as nails

- Getting on that treadmill when you really feel like eating 10 doughnuts instead

- Making a budget and sticking to it

- You name it …

Being there for yourself makes you an instant success. Only you see it now, but eventually, others will too.

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