Monday, September 6, 2010

Belacrema OneCreme, for simple and effective skincare

If you take care of your body and the skin you´re in, you will most likely feel better about yourself and therefore have more energy for taking care of those you love and for doing what it takes to achieve your goals. Sounds good, right?

I´m a busy mom and I don´t have time or the money to be spending lavishly on skin-care products that promise to make me look like I´m 20 when I´m in in fact, well past 40. They also require, by the way, that I use 5 or 6 different products both in the morning and at night. No can do!

A couple of years ago, I found the solution to my needs. It´s called Belacrema, OneCreme, and it´s the answer to any woman who thrives on lavish simplicity and glowing skin at any age. 

Belacrema OneCreme is a synergistic blend of natural ingredients that targets mature skin, but that can be used as an eye cream on younger skin too. 

While I´m a regular user of Retin-A, which requires me to slather on sunscreen daily (I live in Florida), I found that Belacrema OneCreme enhanced the results I obtained with the prescription cream. I didn´t have to give it up and I also didn´t have to subscribe to complicated or expensive beauty routines to look and feel good. 

Helen Noble, the creator of Belacrema and author of the book Being Simply Beautiful, believes that skin care need not be complicated and that´s why she formulated her product, based on her European family recipe. 

Noble is the perfect example of the inner and outer radiance you can achieve through a proper diet and moderate exercise and simple but age-appropriate skin-care. 

A 1.7 oz jar of Belacrema OneCreme is $100, but each jar has lasted me two or three months, since I use it sparingly and where I most need it: the eye area, around my lips and in the frown-line. I also use just that. No more buying two or three products, sometimes more, that eventually add up to more than the cost of Belacrema OneCreme.

Compared to La Mer moisturizing cream which is $230 for 2 oz. or La Prairie Anti Aging Complex Cellular Intervention Cream that is $220 for 1.7 oz, Belacrema is a steal. Especially since La Mer and La Prairie, as so many other brands do, advocate for the use of eye-creams and serums, day and night lotions and more, that add up to a small fortune and many hours spent applying all those products.

When I have the $100 to spend, I still buy Belacrema OneCreme and I get more compliments from women than when I sleep 10 hours straight! 

To read more about Helen Noble, her book Being Simply Beautiful or to buy OneCreme, click here. 

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