Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nike Was Right! Just Do It! It Works!

Most people decide to lose weight, exercise, write a book, or anything else, and then they spend many hours, sometimes days, weeks, months and even years getting ready to start!

The result is often a garage filled with unused equipment, unread books, money wasted on workshops and dreams gone down the drain, plus a huge feeling of failure.

I suggest doing just the opposite. It´s always worked for me.

I make a note of my goal, and then I start taking steps to accomplish it. Once I´ve hit the road running, I search the resources available out there to improve my style, my output or my technique or whatever I need to work on. That´s how I approach the arts, sports, writing, work and more.

I don´t need the perfect running shorts to start running. I don´t need to have the perfect office space to write. I don´t even need to have money! I don´t need to know the perfect sketching technique to enjoy doing it.

If you don´t exercise, there is no style to improve or no routine to add on to. You can spend a lifetime talking about the book you will write and take a gazillion workshops. But you will have no craft to hone if you don´t well … write!

In a nutshell, this is the Just Do It tagline that Nike made so popular, but heck, it works!

So … Just Do It!

Do it imperfectly, do it little by little, do it when and how you can, but Do It!

Do it, and in one month, please check back and let me know what happened!

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