Monday, September 13, 2010

Bootcamp - Training for Stamina on the Field and in LIfe

I started running with my dad for fun when I was 12. I got shin splints so painful that I could hardly walk, but that didn’t stop me. I also did yoga, biked and swam. I’m 47 and I still do all of those things (not all at once, mind you!). I like sports where I depend on myself only to move forward and I believe that mindset is what’s given me a life-long career as a free-lance translator, interpreter and writer. 

I learned early on to be my own cheerleader.

Recently one of my best friends suggested I try a new approach to exercise: Bootcamp! At first I balked at the notion of having to stick to a schedule or get up early to work out with other people! 

However, I like to say I’m open minded, so I gave it a try. 

The personal trainer and founder of West Coast Bootcamp, Stacey Sargood asked me if I was used to exercising.

“I’m a runner,” I said proudly. 

“Let’s go then!” she replied, and in five seconds she was a mile ahead of me. The other participants passed me as soon as they laced up their shoes and I came in last. That run (at a much faster pace than I’m used to), followed by running up and down stairs, sprinting, doing push-ups, curls, jumps, circuit-training and a lot of input from Stacey, was exactly what I needed to get out of my training rut. I admit I felt like throwing up after my first session - some people actually do - but the discomfort was worth the burst of energy that resulted after that day. I also enjoyed the camaraderie and the feeling of being surrounded by women and men who are also trying to go the distance. 

Stacey’s input, corrections, her cheerleading and even her concern when I tripped and fell during a run were the fuel I needed to push my limits and feel empowered, not only on the training field but in my field of work - writing - and in life.
A sports coach will help you do what you would not push yourself to do.  A good sports coach will not let you overdo it either and will help you pace your workout. You will see and feel results very fast. 

Bootcamp has a lot in common with pursuing your goals. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes you fall, sometimes you think you can’t keep on going, but then your coach tells you that you can. She pushes you to do five seconds more, to run a little faster, to stretch a little farther.

And when you do, it spills into the rest of your life. 

Since I enrolled in Bootcamp, the book I had started writing has taken off. I thrive on less hours of sleep and I feel renewed and more enthusiastic in many ways. Even my kids are doing Bootcamp for children!

Try it, you may like it!

In the picture, Stacey Sargood, personal trainer and founder of West Coast Bootcamp.  Read her story on her website. 

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