Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to Find Time to Pursue your Dreams!

“I don´t have the time” is the most frequent excuse for not pursuing a dream. You can turn a dream into a goal by putting it on paper and then give it a deadline.

But, how do you find the time to devote to your dream, whether it be writing a novel, learning how to crochet, beading, running a marathon, going back to school or taking tap-dance classes?

I´m going to be very simplistic about it, because it really is simple. I also won´t concentrate on the money part, which I promise to discuss in another entry.

1.- Make a list of all the things you do on any given day that you really DON´T NEED to do, but that you do anyway. Some have become habits and may be so ingrained that you hardly notice. Here go a few common ones:
            - Surfing the Internet
            - Playing video-games
            - Indulging in social sites
            - Chatting
            - Watching TV
            - Gossiping

2.- Now make a list of the things you WANT to do but don´t because you think you don´t have time for them. They could be anything, but here are some examples.
            - Write a book
            - Train for a 5k, a half marathon or a marathon
            - Take beading classes
            - Start a home-based business
            - Take belly-dancing lessons
            - Swim laps

 3.- Now vow to stop, COLD-TURKEY, doing the things in LIST 1 and presto, you have time to do the things in LIST 2.

It´s not rocket science, but it works. I pared down my already pared-down life and in the past three weeks managed to rack up 175 pages of my next book so far. And I thought I didn´t have the time! Well, I proved myself wrong, didn´t I?

Well, so can you!

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