Thursday, September 16, 2010

BlackPata - Body Sculptures

When something inspires me, I like to share.

A few days ago, my eldest brought me a set of rings and bracelets made of aluminum and various stones and shells. They were original and surprising.

The designer is Enrique Recio and the brand of jewelry, which is in fact composed of sculptures that mold to the user’s body is BlackPata. 

For me, one of the descriptions of success is to make real something that started out as the seed of an idea or a moment of inspiration. If besides that it penetrates the market, then it is an even greater success. 

That other people read your books or wear your jewelry thus affecting their lives in one way or another, is success.
If you are daring, if you are different, if you like to admire art and especially wear it, I suggest you visit the website to see this particular jewelry collection, the design of which does not finish until you wear it and mold the pieces to you. Especially the bracelets and necklaces. 

The other day I was writing the novel I have underway now and admiring the BlackPata Collection inspired me to go forward and break through writer’s block.

Get inspired!

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